Why Are You Procrastinating Of Being Successful In Life?

Why are you Procrastinating of being Successful in life? Have you lost your passion, Are you afraid that you might just succeed, or are you just plain afraid and don’t know where to start?

All of these questions and feelings I’ve heard in my head Confused man scratching head and have felt the same way several times whenever I began thinking about starting my own home business or just entertaining the thought of what I can do next in life. It seems to be the natural thing to happen when you are approaching something new and you’re not in control of the unknown.

Truth be told, we live in a world of self-generating beliefs which go untested. We have been influenced so long that we adopt those beliefs because they are based past conclusions and experiences.

What’s Stopping You?

You’re a baby boomer are you where you want to be with your health, wealth, or your relationships? Have you suddenly found yourself in your 40’s or 50’s and wondered where the time has gone and you feel like you’re in a rut?

Our abilities to achieve the results that we say we truly desire is eroded by our personal feelings that say:

  • Our beliefs
  • The Good voices vs Bad voices
  • Our beliefs are based in our conscious mind

You have to develop a new mindset in order to be productive in your new business endeavor. Are you ready to escape a black-hole world of stagnation?

 Why, I Wasn’t Successful

Not too long ago my life changed. It was at this point that I was taken out of the life that I had loved and had to take a huge step backwards to get back in the game. Truth be told, I never really got back in the game. At the age of 42, my health and family are the foremost things important to me now.

I had an average job, one car, live in a apartment for the first time in my life, and I just wasn’t happy at that place in my life. While I was down recuperating, a friend gave me several books to read. Every books, I read seemed to speak to me. My friend knew I would read anything written by a successful author so he gave me a book called “Pax Neo-Tech” written by Frank R. Wallace. It was at this time that I had an inside out view of my life and the ugly truth our beliefs are based in our conscious mind I had been in.

Businessman running in a hamster wheel.


Turning around…

The one thing that I’ve learned was I had accepted my situation and began to improvise and make changes with my life. I wasn’t happy at all, I needed to get motivated, restore and rebuild my confidence, and I developed a hunger to be….

  •  Successful
  • The best I can be
  • Unique and to understand that I am the best at being me

Thankfully, over the next few months and years, I have that fire I once had only it is hotter than ever. I have begun achieving success again and my faith in me is stronger. I’ve involved myself in being a “Dental Assistant” people like me. I am be to see patients who are from all walks of life with a happy smile. On my next blog I will talk about “Pax Neo-Tech” Go to the link my website and join me! Together we will change your life! You can get started today for only $1.

P.S. “Always Progress!”

Written by Joe Whitford

Hi, my name is Joe Whitford I am a Part-time "Dental Assistant" with over 10 years dental experience. Graduated from "Skyline College" with my AA degree in Social/Natural Science. Finding GlobalNPN is one of the best things I have found for myself in a long time. I am new to GlobalNPN it will help learn to have entrepreneurial mindset. On my spare time, I like to read books about anything that sounds interesting, when I have time I like to repair little electronic devices, I have basic knowledge of AC/DC certification. I will like to travel more often learn new things in life meet new people! Thanks, Joe Whitford

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